Throw Back Saturday with Coach Stan

Saturday, I had the privilege of working with Kasey Perkins, a young man from Harnett Central High School. We worked on different basketball moves and theories. This may not seem like a big deal to most people, but it was to me. The reason being, his father Tracy played Youth and High School basketball for me many years ago. It was such a gratifying time to be on the court with both father and son. This hour and a half of practice made me realize why I became a coach to begin with. I could not have had a better day. Thank you Tracy and Kasey.

I have started spending time with Jeremy Brock and his son Zeke. I look forward to watching Zeke’s progress. The best part of being around Jeremy and Tracy is seeing what great dads they have turned out to be.

Casey and Zeke, keep up the good work.